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LASIK surgery can be extremely successful in freeing patients from their glasses or contact lenses. It is important, however, that patients are realistic in their expectations of the surgery and comfortable with the surgery itself, as well as the surgeon, the clinic and its staff. LASIK does have risks, and as someone considering the procedure, you should be aware of those risks. The LASIK CONSUMER REPORT is written to help educate you about the entire LASIK experience.

LASIK has enhanced my life beyond description. I hope this report will help you sift through the barrage of today's LASIK marketing messages. In my opinion, it is simply not prudent to tolerate "corners being cut" when it comes to your eyes. Please, insist on the highest standards.

To learn more about the promise offered by Lasik surgery, I invite you to explore this site and review the Lasik Consumer Report. For more information about the procedure, or to inquire into a free Lasik surgery consultation, please visit my practice's web site at

Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD